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Verbatim record of received information about the Water of Light Latest Experience of users

The water of Light

Voda Světla - Stránky o úžasném českém objevu 

A new discovery of the 21st century!

The unique water which is beneficial to your immunity!

It cleans thoroughly, vitalizes and strengthens an organism.

It strengthens each cell in your body!

It influences cell cytoplasm!




It cleans thoroughly, vitalizes and strengthens organism immunity.



It strengthens and protects an organism against the rise of tumour illnesses.



Take to strengthen your organism during the periods of infectious diseases. It mainly strengthens a throat area at the time of higher occurrence of cold.

Antivirus Extra has been given for extra-intensified support of organism immunity against epidemics and total exhaustion.


It is coming out of the true recognition of the Laws of Creation. For more information see www.AO-INSTITUT.CZ

We accept your orders on tel. +420 – 605 733 637 or www.VODASVETLA.CZ


The water of Light

 Vyfocené lahvičky Vody Světla

The unique water is getting to your hands. It is beneficial to your immunity. It cleans thoroughly, vitalizes and strengthens organism. This water has been made by the newest “technology of Light”. The Light that penetrates everything and is the basis of all the existence…


Take 1-5 concentrated drops into 0.25l of water (coffee, tea) 2-3 times daily.


After adding 10-15 drops into your bath you will experience its beneficial effect. (Surely try it.)


Water of Light has thoroughly cleansing qualities as if you were standing under the shower of a light waterfall. Using it daily your taste can change and you might start to dislike kinds of groceries not suitable for your health.

A lot of people have shown a stronger vitality, defence ability of organism and a diminished need of sleep. They have been able to manage daily work with much bigger enthusiasm and joy.

The psychic balance becomes stronger as well as life becomes more enjoyable and the view on what is happening everywhere around us becomes cleverer.


I can gladly recommend it to you.


The small bottle of 25ml should be enough for 1 month period of regular use.


A dealer in cooperation with the producer of this water accepts also orders for “personal” water prepared especially for you. (There is a possibility to order it from the producer, too.)


I have to remind at this point that the worthy life desired by everyone is possible to achieve only in a full harmony with the Laws of Creation. You can read more details about them in the book:

“The Laws for the life on the Earth”.

(available in Czech and Slovak language)


If you have not had it yet, do not hesitate to contact a dealer of the water or the producer at his address.


The water of Light No. 11: for adults and children older than 3 years

The water of Light No. 12: for adults and children older than 5 years

The water of Light No. 13-15: aged more than 15


It is NOT suitable for babies and children up to 3!



Do not take if you eat or drink food modified by Japan equipment “LIFE ENERGENCY” so called π-technology. It is necessary to keep the 16-days break before start taking The water of Light. It concerns all the products indicated as The water of Light.



Do you know that…?


… a human organism of an adult consists of 100 billions of individual cells?

… animal cell – which is the basic structure element of a human body, contains up to 85-95% of H2O in the form of CYTOPLASM solution!

… new molecules of water come through the cytoplasm membrane into each cell every day, using an osmotic process.


… The water of Light reinforces all the life functions of the cells through cell solution CYTOPLASM.

… The water of Light penetrates to all the 100 billions cells in your body during a few tens of minutes.

… The water of Light brings reinforcement to the correct functioning of cells, drawing from a life giving base of DNA for a healthy evolution of all the functions.

… The water of Light strengthens CYTOPLASM cell membrane and that way it protects naturally each cell against viruses and bacillus penetration into the cell system.

… The water of Light strengthens cell functions on the other levels – quarks, pre-quarks, etc.

… The water of Light does not heal individual organs separately but it heals and cures 100% of your organism at once.


The water of Light


The new discovery of 21st century!

On the basis of the true recognition of the Creation, the recognition of the elementary structure parts in different kinds of matter – animal cells along with the use of the intuitively perceived production technology, because of the achievement of the best healing effects in patients’ treatment, The water of Light production was put into practice in Bohemia in 2005.

The water of Light has nothing to do with all the existing attempts to modify water (π-water, diamond water, etc.) – it is completely different, using aids and equipment not known by people until now.


What kind of process is it?  

At the beginning of production system is just normal drinking water, in accordance to all the important drinking water norms.

This water, running through a technologically new constructed system is gradually gaining qualities called qualities of a primary life. Its material qualities – taste and odour are unchanged. However, an energetic charge value of this water has been changed.

It is similar as if we would imagine changing a 50W light bulb in a room (in 1 water molecule) for a 1,000W one.




It has been already written a lot about the magnetic qualities of water. Without being aware of that, this quality is shown by all the daily matters when we use water. Water is a great information carrier including the quarks and pre-quark spheres, followed by substantial and also spiritual sphere!

Human body consists of cells as well as all the plants and animal organisms living on the Earth.

Almost three quarters of those cells are filled up with water or a solution containing water as a basic solvent.

Therefore it is easy to understand that information transfer of water penetrates also into the individual cells.

The most of information power in water is usually very weak and a body or organism is able to transform and decay the information within a few moments.


The water of Light brings the purest information vibrations about the primary vital healthy life on the Earth. The information is connected to supportive spheres – quark, pre-quark, substantial and spiritual spheres.

The water of Light strengthens healthy and natural life in all the levels, each individual organism. The water of Light does not contain any other information; either there is no need of any others. However, by its effect – strengthening of primary base of cell life is The water of Light the strongest medicament on the Earth, working without side effects, against all the body illnesses.

The power of The water of Light moves through all the parts of body and making alive the natural basic function of all the cells it causes surprising treatment results.


The only contradiction during the healing process is own will of man. His will can markedly weaken effects of The water of Light.

It concerns one of the Jesus´ sayings while healing ill people: “The power of your faith has made you healthy.”

To have faith – it means to want to be a good and pure man who tries to aknowledge and respect the Laws of Creation, the Laws of the wise God’s Will.

Supplementary Water of Light products:




Take for body strengthening during periods of infectious diseases. It strengthens a throat area mainly at the time of higher occurrence of cold.

For everyday usage longer than 1 week take at the same time The water of Light No. 11-15 or your personal water for spreading into the whole organism.


Dosage: 1-2 drops into 0.2l of water (coffee, tea) 1-3 times daily.

In case of acute need it is possible to take it more often but after minimum 2hours time.

In case of regular dosage for 3 weeks, make break for the next 3 weeks. Then you can continue. You can take the personal water of Light or water No. 11-15 also during the break.


Not suitable for children under the age of 3!

Not suitable for a current bath!

Add to your bath occasionally only in case of exhaustion.




It is given for extra-intensified support of organism immunity. It has been developed to help your organism to enhance your protection against flu epidemics and “bird influenza”. It contains also a part of EXTRACT effect. Thanks to the qualities of Antivirus Extra you are holding in your hands a unique preparation for strengthening your immunity system through cell structure of your body – we can recommend it gladly.


Dosage: 1-2 drops into 0.2l of water (coffee, tea) once or twice a day.

For children aged 3-5 years old take only once during three days 1-2 drops into 0.2l of water, tea (e. g. 2 drops on Monday, 2 drops on Thursday, 2 drops on Sunday, etc.)


In case of regular dosage for 3 weeks, make break for the next 3 weeks. Then you can continue.


In case of everyday usage longer than 1 week take at the same time personal water or the water of Light No. 11-15 for spreading into your organism. You can take the personal water of Light or water No. 11-15 also during the break.


Not suitable for children under the age of 3!

Not suitable for a current bath!

Add to your bath occasionally only in case of exhaustion.


Those preparations are no medicine and therefore CAN NOT substitute

the medicines prescribed by a doctor.


The water of Light – EXTRACT


It strengthens an organism against the rise of tumour illnesses.

It supports the cell structure aiming especially to the liver cells. Correct liver functioning does NOT allow rising of any tumour illness!

The effect of this water is many-sided and it brings a great support to organism. Because of the heat which extract causes in a body it is suitable to take at the same time personal water or the water of Light No. 11-15.


Dosage: 1-2 drops once or twice a day during 14 days. Then have a 14-days break. It is possible to repeat the treatment after.

You can take personal Water of Light or water No. 11-15 also during the break.


It is not suitable for children up to 15 (at the age of 3-15 take only after a consultation with our company specialist).


After taking The water of Light we recommend you to calm down for 5-10 minutes and open to the healing power which penetrates into your organism.

The effect is multiple afterwards.




Contact address:


Jan Marschner

 Lesní 2960, Varnsdorf 407 47


e-mail: VODASVETLA@seznam.cz




Tel. 605 733 637, 412 373 021




Try another kind of use:


-         watering plants (1-3 drops into 1l of water): The water of Light No. 11, 12

-         into an aromatic lamp (1-2 drops)

-         into a sprayer

-         cleaning and recharging minerals and precious stones (1-4 drops into water for cleaning): The water of Light No. 11, 12



The production technology has been gained

on the basis of the recognition of the Laws of Creation.



Latest Experience of users

I´m greeting You and wishing You all the beautiful, healthy and truthful… I would like to let You know about my experience with the personal Water of the Light- which I´ve been taking regularly for several months.  Even before taking it I believed it is the gift of a special kind, but it is only now I can experience really radical changes in my life which I was afraid of before and couldn´t move … I can feel as if there were angels by my side healing my soul, aching with the sorrowful life. I feel that something keeps me encouraging and forces me to thank the Creator for everything. Everything is speeding up and I am reaping the fruit. Everything is changing and my dreams are coming true. I wish everybody to open their hearts to this great help, hidden in the Water of the Light. … However, after using it, man recognizes he is not good enough…. Once more many thanks to You all, who produce the Water and distribute it. 


a 25-year old woman 

The Water of the Light had a very pleasurable influence on me, as if I were enveloped in a white protective shroud. It helps me to strengthen my uniting with the „Light flows“ and makes me stronger in different situations. 

    I have also tried to energize the gemstones – I have dropped three drops of the Water of the Light into the water and put the gemstones inside . They had never been energized so much. The crystal seemed to be glowing.  

    My experience with the children above 5 years old:

    From my past experience, when they started to caugh , I give them 3 drops twice a day and also once before sleep. The next day, the caugh got lost. In addition, the fever is over much quicker. 

The woman around 45.

    Since I started to take the Water of the Light, my life has been being radically changed. Of course in a positive way … I do not take it regularly as you suggest it in the instructions. I take it as I feel now. Sometimes 3 times a day several drops, sometimes I skip taking it and sometimes just once a day… The higher power always lets me know when to take it. 

    I can note quite visible how my body asks for different food – such ones that I haven´t eaten for ages. And on the other hand, some food (being my favorite before), does not taste me at all . It is a quite interesting process but it really works...  

    I wish you a sunny day and I´m looking forward to my „miraculous“ glasses of water. I. 

    I wish you a nice day. We did some experiments with your Water of the Light and we found out some interesting things:

    When we dropped it into some alcohol – wine, magister…its taste, being heavy before, changed into the light one and it seemed to us as if we were drinking a lemonade. When we tried to drop it into the coffee, it had much softer taste…like one class higher. The same happened with a good quality wine – all ingredients became perceptibly more intensive… simply written - it was an enjoyment. Further on we found out that different things that we energized before, usually got infiltrated by other energies after the time. When we smeared it with the Water of the Light no.12, our energizing got preserved and purified, so finally it became a very clear preservation of energized information. That is a great discovery which we certainly will captivate all the people working with energies because it offers great possibilities. We will go on with exploring and will let you know again. J.

    I use the Water of the Light also for watering the house plants. Since I´ve started to use the water ( 1.5 l) enriched by 4 drops of the Water of the Light - universal - no12 for watering plants, I´ve bought more than ten plants (in sales) because such watering makes wonders for their growth.  It is wonderful to watch the symbiosis between the personal usage of the Water of the Light and an everyday change of all the watered plants. All the old leaves on my fern dried out and new ones sprouted out of the roots…so healthy sprouts I have never seen before. What is more, in the present I also got several plants for „cultivating“ from my acquaintances. After the experience with my fern I cut these plants above roots (this is of course not possible to do with every plant…specifically this was a minirose)  and in the present I am wondering at the richness of its sprouts and mainly the colour of leaves… their glowing is visible at first sight. Thanks to the Wather of the Light, I managed to „rescue“ also the weak „sprouts“ of palm trees, coming from Vatikan, given to me by my friend. I even talk to my plants and thank them for experiencing this wonder…

A short time ago I´ve had a chance to meet a very famous healer from the southern Slovakia. As he is very sensitive, after dropping one drop on his palm he said something like this: It is a very interesting water, energized an extraordinary way. It´s taking immediately opens all the meridial paths in the body. Moreover, it strongly vitalizes the physical body, but influences positively also the psychical ones and (… wondering…) it affects even the spiritual area of living and influences strongly the flow of the kharma. He said that its taking works something like this:  a man who otherwise would need for solving his fate threads at least half a year,  after taking the Water of the Light, the goings on are speeding up even into immediate experiencing in many cases. A person is going into a somehow higher speed... he said he had never met something like this and immediately he asked for the producer of the Water of the Light. So we started a long and effective conversation. LD

… The water of the Light - mainly no. 13 has been taken… 

    As I promised, I´m sending you the picture of the affect of the Water of the Light on my moldered nail on my foot. It „began to live“ again and changed also the colour… Wíth regards.  ing. P.G. 


    1.,the left-handside top picture – After 5 months of taking the Water of the Light. The higher part of the nail is still the former surface of the nail, grown up before the taking of the Water of the Light

    The lower part of the nail has a new, smooth surface.

    2,, the right-handside top picture – The nail was 
moldered before the taking…  its recovery after 5 months of the taking the Water of the Light

    3., the left-handside bottom picture: After 8 months of taking the Water of the Light.

    4., the right-handside bottom picture: After 9 months of taking the Water of the Light.

    A man affected by a multiple sclerosis in its initial stage who used to feel very exhausted ( from Prague): 

    Thank you. Now I can master my work again with the pleasure and without getting exhausted.  I thank you once again. V.F. 

    The woman around 50 from Pardubice – A bad function of the thyroid gland, tachyarrhythmia, a lump in the breast, emotional instability 

    … On december 17th , I started a 3-week treatment of taking the Water of the Light Personal  together with the Water of the Light-extract. Christmastime was for me emotionally very hard  and even on Christmas Eve I had a deep crisis – depression. After the first treatment ( 2 drops a day ), I stopped for 3 weeks and took nothing else. 

    Approximately the first week of January, I started to feel better – mainly mentally. I even managed to work instead of my colleague for several days, I didn´t feel any pain and pressure in my breast and heart. Tachyarrhythmia disapeared. And I had a feeling that a lump in my breast was decreasing. Today I can say that it is 50 % smaller than before. 

    Mentally and emotionally, I feel well…I´m really grateful for every day. At the physical level it´s a bit worse because I still have a lot to solve and it might be that much of it is not supposed to disappear at all …

    … Regarding taking the Drops I would like to add: I feel a big difference between simple dropping into tea when the Drops are taken like an ordinary drug or some strengthening remedy ( this way I took it in the first phase), and dropping it into the glass of water, drunk up after the prayer of thanks and supplication for the healing affect according to the Will of God! I suppose I do not have to highlight which one is more effective… and the effect of healing is clearly visible. The fact that taking the drops causes that a person is opening up also for solving many things ( for example , unsolved and troubling things from the past). We already talked about it through the phone. So I think that anyone who takes the drops should know all about its influence so that in a weak moment he would not slid into the depression when some life ordeals and troubles will come to him, „asking“ for being solved…  


     The Water of the Light is a wonderful thing. It strongly encourages being fresh for long hours and in the heart area I feel a stronger vibration. Also the acting is more peaceful, loveful and understanding.

    I have also two other experiences with the Water of the Light.  The first one is that I dropped one drop into a birthday bunch of field flowers, which was withering, and it not only revived and stayed fresh for another 10 days but the flowers started even perceptibly growing on. 

    Another experience was with my parent´s dog. He was 13 years old and just laid and did not eat almost any food. They dropped the Water of the Light into the bowl and the dog revived… he runs and eats like before. 






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